Wave Port

The Laundry Jet Wave Port is the latest and most advanced port for the Laundry Jet System. The Wave Ports stylish design matches quietly into your modern house design while providing state of the art functionality. Constructed of billet aluminum and powder coated to match any decor, it brings a futuristic solution to an age-old chore.

The Wave Port is fully touchless allowing the user to simply wave their hand in front of the sensor to activate the system. Once activated the clothing is simply fed into the opened port and drawn away to the laundry room. Once the user has fed the last item they can walk away and the system automatically completes the cycle and closes the Port.

Installation Videos


●      Wall Mounted Inside bedrooms, pantries, closets, or bathrooms.

●      Touchless activation

●      Auto Ready Cycle

●      Uses 6″ pipe (6.25” – 159 mm OD)

●     Return Unit compatible

●     Noise approx. 22 Decibels( whisper quiet)

●     Wiring , Cat 5 with RJ45 connector

●     Weight 2lbs