Return Unit

The Laundry Jet Return unit is the must-have option for any home wanting to totally close the circle on laundry transport to and from the laundry room. Send clean and dried items back to the room most appropriate for receiving them. Especially useful if your bedrooms are upstairs and your laundry room is on a lower floor.

Install a port in your Laundry room, install the Return Unit in the chosen bedroom, pipe in and enjoy dirty laundry delivery from bedrooms to laundry room and clean and dry laundry delivery from the laundry room back to the chosen bedroom.

Installation Videos


●      Wall Mounted Inside your chosen bedroom or ironing location

●      No power required

●      Manual emptying for continuous use

●      Uses 6″ pipe (6.25” – 159 mm OD)

●      Maximum number of ports 1 ( located in the laundry room)

●      Max distance from furthest port 80ft (25m)

●     Uses both Manual and Wave ports

●      Pipe connections  – 2 vertical

●      Airflow 1000 cfm

●      Noise approx. 620 Decibels – whisper quiet

●      Weight 60lbs