Laundry Jet Plus

The Laundry Jet Plus integrates seamlessly into any custom laundry room design and is our top of the range model in terms of custom style, capacity and number of ports. The Plus installs inside your own custom cabinetry to maintain the overall aesthetic in your laundry room while adding the maximum benefit the Laundry Jet technology. The Plus can utilize both styles of Laundry Jet Ports (manual or Automatic) and has an automated cycle which allows the user to insert the clothes, towels, or bedding and walk away leaving it immediately ready to be used again. The Laundry Jet Plus is the highest capacity model and handles up to 8 different locations and can be installed with a Return Unit Option which enables the user to send cleaned and dried clothing back to a chosen bedroom or location in the home.

Installation Videos


●     Wall Mounted Inside your Custom Cabinet 

●     Wall Mounted Inside your Custom Cabinet 

●     Standard plug 110 v

●     International option (220/240v)

●     Auto emptying for continuous use

●     Auto timer shut off

●     Uses 6″ pipe (6.25” – 159 mm OD) 

●     Maximum number of ports 8

●     Max distance from furthest port 200ft (60m)

●     Uses both manual and Wave ports

●     Uses both manual and Wave ports

●     Exhaust – vertical pipe , no diffuser

●     Airflow 1000 cfm

●     Return Unit compatible

●     Noise approx. 68 Decibels( similar to a vacuum cleaner)

●     Watts 100

●     Wiring , Cat 5 with RJ45 connectors

●     Weight 120lbs